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Birch vs. Corn

There are two mainstream commercial sources of Xylitol - Corn and Hardwood trees such as Birch. Many rumors have circulated on the internet regarding the benefits and or drawbacks of either. Here you can gather the facts. 

The structure of Xylitol does not differ between corn based and birch based xylitol. However, it is a fact that the vast majority of corn based Xylitol found in North America is imported from China. Almost all imported chinese Xylitol is derived from corn.

Also a fact is that most commercial sources of corn itself are genetically modified. This is not true of birch trees.

The process utilized in making birch based Xylitol is envirnmentally green and sustainable, in fact the process often uses caommercial scrap that may otherwise be discarded.

So is Birch better than corn? You be the judge, however we believe so for the following reasons. Our birch xylitol is:

  • Always made in a sutainable, eco friendly way
  • Always made from North American hardwood
  • Never from China
  • Never from genetically modified inputs
Each individual can make up their mind, but we use only North American Birch Xylitol in our company.